Jeff Glover’s 5 Step Listing Presentation

Jeff Glover and his team have taken over 10,190 listings in his career, with him personally having taken over 2,500. He is locally known as a household name. Over the years Jeff has perfected a 5-point model to get every listing!

1. Content Creation

Create content that communicates your unique value. Jeff calls this his “Listing Plan of Action.” Each component has a primary objective that helps drive home his team’s value.

Promotional Marketing – How you effectively market homes to maximize seller net.

Institutional Marketing – How you market you and your brand to the Seller’s advantage.

Pricing Strategy – How to price the property to maximize the final sales price.

Visuals – Have great visuals that back up everything that you are saying.

Proof – Have tons of testimonial and personal reviews.

YOU – How you show up on social media is content too. You must look the part!

2. Practice

Once you have your content created, you must practice, practice, practice. How you deliver your content is as important as your content itself. Practice every day for 30 days by doing the following:

Write – Handwrite your entire listing presentation.

Chant – Chant (alone) your entire presentation.

Role Play – Role play your entire presentation.

3. Delivery

Jeff has 4 different listing presentations and all of them have the exact same content. What changes is the rate of speed, tonality, volume, and body language. This means if he is speaking to someone who values data, he slows down and leans into the pricing strategy segment of his listing appointment. If he has a high driver who wants to move quickly, he shortens all the sections. The content is the science, but delivering it in a way that the end user will hear it best is the art!

4. Communication

Jeff communicates with each potential client 5 times before the listing appointment to build rapport:

Text Message (After the appointment is set) – Send a message that says “Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, I am excited to see your home!”

Phone Call – If the appointment was set by someone else Jeff calls to have a pre appointment discussion. He teaches that each agent should know the questions that they need answered before they actually have the meeting.

Email – Jeff sends an email to the potential client letting them know what is going to happen at the appointment.

Text Message (Day of the appointment) – This is the day of the appointment and it simply says “I’m excited to see you today! I look forward to meeting you and seeing your home.”

Phone Call 60 Minutes Out – Jeff calls the potential client when he is 60 minutes out from the appointment.

“If you want to be in a deeper relationship with someone you must communicate more often.” – Gary Keller

Pre-Appointment Package

This is a package of information that Jeff and his team provide to the seller before the appointment. It is either emailed, dropped off, or overnighted.

Cover Letter – Thanking them for agreeing to meet and providing a quick rundown of what will happen when they meet.

Copy of References and Reviews – Testimonials are key and Jeff lets others tell his story.

Plan of Action – This is a list of what you do to sell their home.

3-5 Active and Sold Listings – This is not a full blown CMA, but it is just enough information to get them thinking about a list price.

“What Happens Next” Document – This explains what will happen after they list the property with Jeff and his team.

Proof of Comparable Sales – Jeff handpicks several homes that are similar in area and price range and highlights that he and his team sold them.

Copy of Sellers Disclosures – Jeff asks the sellers to fill out the disclosure forms so that he can save time on the appointment.

To download Jeff Glover’s Listing Plan of Action, click here.

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